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    Creating art takes me back to my childhood - that time when you admire water drops which sparkle in a sunny ray; seek funny characters in a rug; giggle over your puddle reflection and smile when a gentle wind tickles your cheeks. A time when you are happy-go-lucky, sensitive, almighty, and sometimes naive, but always genuine. I am an eternal child and art allows me to maintain this state of being.


    I love to be in nature - to hug trees, absorb astonishing color combinations with my fibers, to examine bird coloration, membrane of leaves, which is full of moisture... I relish a beauty of a fruit pulp, a whisper of ocean sand, scents of forest… I’m a part of nature - Its disciple and the art tool.


    I make a connection with humanity telling real stories through whimsical shapes, unique color combinations, and my impressions that I use in my art works. I create them while playing, without predetermining which art materials to use and what it will look like at the end. Every time I examine my finished art works, I am pleasantly surprised that they were created by me!







Location: Portland, OR


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